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Our History


Wild Willie's


    Today, Wild Willie’s installs some of the Wasatch front’s most unique, quality, and desirable landscapes. We run clean (cut), efficient, and well trained crews. While we have had many opportunities to grow and expand, we have decided to stay smaller and focus on providing the best quality and most personalized landscapes possible.


    We believe that the most important thing we can do is deliver each client a landscape that will grow and mature in a responsible and manageable form. We know plant materials, varieties cultivars very well. We only plant materials that will grow and mature into a manageable size for your property.

    We own specialized equipment that allows us to accomplish any landscape job that you may need. We have low impact tractors that are specially designed to go over soils and sod without compacting the soil, or killing the sod.


Mission Statement


Wild Willies strives to genuinely serve and exceed our clients expectations in their property maintenance and landscaping needs.





Willie Eschenfelder
Director of Operations - Founder


Wild Willie’s Yard Services was officially started in 1998 by Willie Eschenfelder. In reality Wild Willie’s was started when Willie was 4 years old and wanted to buy a bike. Willie’s parents suggested a lemonade stand and the rest is history. Wild Willie’s Ice Cold Lemonade was born, along with a future of entrepreneurship.
 After mowing lawns around his neighborhood, Willie saw the potential in the lawn and landscape industry. At 15, Willie began to landscape his parent’s yard and began to learn how to landscape, install sprinklers and started getting a feel for design. Willie realized his love for perennials, plants and trees while working on his mother’s yard and began to take other landscape projects.



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